Finding Power and Wisdom in messy uncertain times

Mari Kennedy &
Nina Nisar

A 6-week learning journey
for women who want to grow and evolve

New course starting in Spring 2022, course dates will follow soon.

In the meantime, please join the wait list to stay informed.

Join us in a safe, nourishing, interactive space of learning and practice!

Are you tired of feeling disempowered and lonely in the midst of conflict?  

Do you find that you are losing connection with yourself in moments of intense challenge?

Are you seeing conflict everywhere and not sure how to engage with it? 

Are you feeling stuck and dissatisfied in your habitual way of dealing with conflict, at home, in work, in divorce, with siblings? 

Do you habitually try to keep the peace, check out, or constantly get lost in angry outbursts?

Is this you?
 If so, this is a place for you!

Come as you are.

The good news is that it doesn't have to be this way. 

We are two women who have consciously transformed how we relate to conflict and now share it in our work.  

Conflict and challenging conversations are difficult for most of us, even more so now in these uncertain times when we are all experiencing confinement and polarisation.

It can be deeply uncomfortable and threatening to our nervous system, but conflict is part of life and isn’t going away. Conflict is also creative and lifegiving if we know how to work with it. In our development as women finding our power in navigating conflict is a radical skill that can liberate us to show up in a more generous, real and impactful way.

Join us and other women over the 6 weeks to

  • learn how to lean into conflict so you can own your power & sovereignty 
  • understand conflict as a creative force and become more available in how you respond to it 
  • get to understand your habitual style and receive a personal conflict style profile 
  • learn to take a stand while staying generous and compassionate 
  • practice the freedom of holding different perspectives 
  • free yourself from old habitual ways that have stopped serving you

WE BELIEVE conflict is challenging and intense but not inherently ‘bad’ and that it can be transformed into a force for good.

WE BELIEVE now is the time for women to rise out of the poison of disempowering patterns.

WE BELIEVE women are alchemists.

WE BELIEVE the medicine for the poison of disempowerment is gathering together to practice and learn from ancient and modern wisdom. 

WE BELIEVE relational work is the work of our time.

In this work we weave ancient wisdom of Mindfulness, Zen, Taoism and Celtic with contemporary wisdom of developmental psychology, Integral theory, Authentic Relating and embodiment. We draw on our own journeys as women who have consciously transformed how we work with conflict in our own lives.

how it works

  • We meet on Zoom - when you register you will receive a link
  • You will receive a recording of each call
  • You will receive a personal conflict style profile
  • You will have an opportunity to embody the learnings with guided practices and meditation between calls
  • We will be creating a special half day online retreat on Saturday November 27 to drop us deep into the practices and integrate the learnings together

We are offering a sliding scale payment system.
Simply choose the best option for you.  

You will receive the Zoom details for the weekly calls in an email once you've made payment

Your Hosts

Mari Kennedy

I am a Women’s leadership coach, Integral Facilitator, Celtic wisdom holder, entrepreneur, mindfulness and embodiment teacher. My passion is women’s development and our relationship to power and wisdom. My work is a synthesis of ancient and contemporary wisdom weaving ancestral wisdom of the ages with neuroscience, developmental psychology and integral theory.  

I have dedicated the last 15+ years to this path, devoted to my own development, coaching women all over the world, studying wisdom traditions and creating a business that is founded on new female leadership. 

I am also a former conflict adverse woman! I have walked the road from exhausted disempowered woman in a divorce to realising the invitation in all conflict is to be liberated.  

Nina Nisar

I am a Relational Leadership Coach, Integral Facilitator, a student of Earth-bound wisdom and a Mama of two. My work empowers intentional individuals in the making (we all are!) to grow lotus through the muddy times in our relationships in work, life and love.

And I enliven the in-between space daily - consciously, messy, with heart - living life with a man of a very different background. I am
deeply moved by the complex challenges of our times, and believe in the potential to evolve in how we show up to them and to each other. I
am passionate about relationships becoming spaces for regeneration, support and growth in the face of the ever-evolving challenges life
puts in front of us.

My approach is informed by cutting edge adult development insight, the integral lens on life itself, systemic creative conflict engagement
work and a deep commitment to amplifying peace and wellbeing between people and within. I coach individuals and facilitate duos and small teams into the subtleties of human interactions to amplify alignment, flow and shared focus.

Something magic happens

when you bring a group of women who are strangers together and Mari and Nina light a spark. Expect insights, wonder and release as you grow and let go.


Both Mari & Nina are humble, compassionate, wise, authentic, aware & great teachers.

The safe space created in our course allowed for beautiful work & breakthroughs to unfold.
This course is suitable for conflict in the workplace, conflict with loved ones & inner conflict. A well structured, informative & interactive course with personal examples to help reinforce awareness of how we show up, how to use our bodily sensations as intel & application of the skills to help navigate our way.


This has been one of the most valuable learning experiences of my life.

I have grown, gained an understanding & perspective that I never knew existed. My initial intention on starting this course was to learn & to let go of fear - wow have I have learnt!! This has not only benefited me but my friends and family.I have a new found confidence that I will be eternally grateful for. Thankyou Mari & Nina this has truly been nourishment.